Gambling Games


Gambling has been very popular online for about 10 years, thanks to the presence of Casinos and game guides and also includes betting games, card games (Poker) and Bingo.

In Italy, as in Spain and England, gambling is regulated by the free market that establishes its legality; the game is authorized by the public authority, however in Italy, in the case of gambling debts it is not possible to request payment to the judge as decided by the art. 1933 cc and, for those who had extinguished, it is not possible to request a refund.

In other European countries the control of the game is entrusted through tenders, whose winning companies must ensure compliance with the laws of the State, unfortunately it is not always fully regulated, in fact it happens that we find cases of money laundering or usury; for this reason there are states that prohibit gambling on a national level, but the most famous consequence of this restriction is the birth of illegal gambling.

Online Casinos

The success of virtual casinos does not simply depend on innovative technologies that allow a lot of comfort to the player, but also on costs compared to real casinos, due to the less necessary staff replaced by software that automatically perform all the skills, and the ease of withdrawal of winnings thanks to convenient and secure payment systems that maintain the privacy of the player.

The attention of the customer is also attracted by the seductive graphics of the sites and the presentation of the games, which often offer simulations of the games to intrigue and to allow you to train their skills in order to achieve better results in the real game.

Game tips

Here are some indications, for those seeking clarifications and for those who play online for the first time. In fact it is very important to identify the virtual place best suited to your needs, a system that will certainly be safe, clear and easily manageable, but first of all you need to know what the aforementioned needs are.

A good player must know how to manage, so you need to establish what his availability and then exploit them to the fullest without letting him get carried away. Establish, at the beginning, the amount to spend on games and set you not to exceed it.

Read the game instructions

  • Get experience with free games to test your skills.
  • Do not get excited while playing, but have fun!
  • Understand that not everyone wins.
  • Take advantage of the often offered bonuses.
  • Efficiency and safety

There is a common belief that real casinos are safer, not more winning, than virtual ones. It’s all false; in fact, every public company has in its interest the security and maintenance of customers through valid authorizations and budgets both available, also the presence of forums, where you can compare with the experiences of all other players, allows further clarity on the functionality and punctuality of the chosen casino.